Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret can reveal the costs of the external security that have used by Hemsworth Town Council From May 2019 for the whole Council.

These figures do not include any internal costs such as the Town Council’s security manager or the costs of any employees who have been deployed to security roles for any reasons such as events.

2019/20 – £13,442

2020/21 – £279

2021/22 – £3,385

2022/23 – £2,875 (as at 31/8/22)

A total of £19,981

Ferret wonders if any security costs have been included in the “sums” for the expenditure for the lakeside, as recently presented to the Town Council by Jean Eccles or if the costs of the “artistes” that can be heard on occasions are also included?

By Ferret

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