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The Waterpark path resurfacing…

Ferret readers will recall the reports about the dangerous condition that the paths at the Waterpark have been allowed to deteriorate into over the last 3 years, following the use of your money on unbudgeted projects and the departure of staff that were well versed in their upkeep and repair as needed.

Ferret can report that a new contract has been awarded for a firm to undertake the necessary repairs.

No doubt some of you will be happy about this and some will have alarm bells ringing in their ears over who the contract has actually been awarded to and more drain on our financial reserves.

Word on the street says that Kenyon’s preferred company were outbid and we may breathe a sigh of relief but that may not be the case just yet and as the saying goes “time will tell” and of course Kenyon’s deviousness knows no boundaries.

The company that has won the contract is: J’s Groundforce

Ferret is unable to locate them on Facebook, nor do they seem to have a website.

Companies House has only revealed one company of that name:

Registered office address: 39-43 Bridge Street Swinton, Mexborough, United Kingdom, S64 8AP.
Company status: Active
There business 96030 – Funeral and related activities and was only incorporated in November 2020.
1 officer / 0 resignations
Correspondence address: 39-43 Bridge Street, Swinton, Mexborough, United Kingdom, S64 8AP

Sounds OK so far or does it?

Mr Spencer also has one other business listing
Company number 13815509
Incorporated on 23 December 2021

This business was sold to Mr Spencer and previously known as Jackie’s Café South Kirkby.

Ferret has not been able to establish if this company, J’s Groundforce, has any connection to one of the same name that did some work in South Kirkby about 2015.

How those pesky little coincidences seem to cluster around Hemsworth Town Council and relatively new businesses they engage.

None of these businesses appear to have any expertise in Footpath maintenance and repair.

Ferret still cannot understand why this work has not been undertaken in house over these winter months when the ground’s maintenance team are more available to work on this type of remedial work.

The additional cost of this repair work would have been materials only.

Perhaps someone from Hemsworth Town Council can explain why the workforce no longer do this type of work that was routinely done until May 2019?

Hemsworth Town Council: Draper and Due Diligence.

Perhaps with their Funeral connections, J’s Groundforce could be better utilised to have a dig around under the “free store” or down in the Waterpark woods to see what surprises they may unearth?

By Ferret

2 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Draper and Due Diligence…”
  1. have known jason many years can vouch for his work he will do a good job ,he has no conections with any of the cabel we dont need to worry on this .

  2. This is just one of many things that will need to be put right because Kenyon and his mates have squandered and misspent money that was set aside for routine maintenance. Their financial mismanagement is staggering unfortunately it’s equalled by their staff recruitment and management. It’s going to cost a fortune to put things back to what they were.

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