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Act 2

Remembrance parades at Kinsley and Fitzwilliam

Concerns were raised regarding some organisational aspects for the Fitzwilliam and Kinsley Remembrance services, despite having been discussed 3 times.

Jean Eccles claimed it had been left too late!

This is a totally ridiculous statement but then again despite living in Kinsley and being both a District and Town councillor for many years she once asserted that the villages didn’t even have a service.

Ferret would like to thank all those councillors and individuals of our community who stepped up, literally at the 11th hour, to fill the void left by the Town Council to ensure the services went ahead and the monuments were cleaned and tidied up.

Thank you one and all.

Councillor Resignation: It was confirmed that Independent (cabal) Eric Mitchell had resigned.


A question was raised when the accounts would be published, this has been a source of complaint going back over the last 3 years with complaints being made that the council have not met their target dates required for publishing on many occasions.

Alan Draper stated the August ones were out now and September would follow next week.

There have often been issues with the accounts showing conflicting views at times and Councillor Hird stated that she has asked for it to be placed on the agenda to ensure that the correct figures are always published and available to everyone.

The Eccles car park

Jean Eccles confirmed to the meeting that the land was owned by herself and Gordon Eccles. Despite being renovated using our money of over £4000, it was no longer available for free community use.

In reality, charges were made from its first day of opening and Alan Draper confirmed it was nothing to do with the council.

Questions must be asked and answered: Why community money was spent on councillors’ land without any contracts in place to ensure community use would continue to be allowed for free for a set period of time.

Due diligence seems to have been left at the door along with peoples principles once again.

Notice Boards

A resident asked when the notice boards were going to be erected that the council had agreed to as the public were sick of them not telling the truth.

Good old Jean Eccles immediately blamed the clerk asserting it was left to him.

Councillor Middleton claimed he could vouch Alan Draper was on with it but refused to explain why it hadn’t happened.

A resident commented that lots of things are said and nothing is done.

Councillors’ conduct

To consider councillors’ conduct.

Jean Eccles refused to discuss this in public and moved it to exclusion despite protests from the meeting.

Ferret wonders what she would not want made public, it’s not like any of her cabal colleagues have abused their position is it?


Ferret reported on Jean Eccles complete lack and utter understanding of real world finances yesterday, but she was actually so desperate to hide their incompetence that she even resorted to another one of their worn out and disproved tactics.

You can guess it, she blamed the last Labour lot.

She tried to blame having to take legal action and the incurring of massive legal costs over the Kirkby road site because they, the last lot, were told to sue for breach of contract but hadn’t done so.

So they had, had to!

So it wasn’t a Kenyon and Womersley pipe dream after all.

Unfortunately having a selective and short memory of real world events doesn’t alter reality and the legal advice received by the last council in 2016 was actually followed.

If the Independent cabal councillors had looked at it then or even now it foresaw the disastrous outcome for the council if rescinding the deal took place.

The 2016 labour Councillors followed the legal advice and that advice has been made public for the community to see and has been published on Ferret.

Delays on developing the site can be fairly and squarely attributed to Jim Kenyon and colleagues.

Delays that lasted for approximately 10 years.

Perhaps the Councillors would care to publish the legal advice they received, after all the legalities have finished and it should now be in the public domain?

Ferret believes the calling of this meeting by Jean Eccles was nothing short of an attempted P.R. stunt for self praise and publicity that backfired spectacularly for her and her colleagues.

They appear to have run out of steam and any fresh ideas to try to inflict their outdated and self serving agenda on this community and finances.

The last 18 months have seen a slowdown in their visible financial endeavours, but that is because they are being watched more closely and are being held accountable more also.

Members of the public are alert and doing a tremendous job and should be praised for their efforts.

The one thing that it does confirm, is that they remain a very real threat to the financial security and the assets that we have worked so hard for, for so many years to achieve for community use.

The cabal are still active although their numbers continue to reduce, every and all dealings financial and otherwise, especially cash should be vigilantly scrutinised.

Ferret hopes that the sale of any assets will be put on hold and relooked at before any decisions are made.

Decisions that should be made in the best interests of this community and not just for a select few…

By Ferret

3 thought on “<strong>The Eccles’ Extraordinary Meeting: Lies, Lies and More Dam Lies…</strong>”
  1. The meeting after meeting ,agenda after agenda the vote after vote and still the community wait and wait for our money to be spent on the community and not self vanity projects.
    I am no joiner but could have built the said NOTICEBOARDS and had them in place months ago and parishioners would know about help in the community ,where to keep warm and a hot drink,where to collect a much needed food parcel,where to get help and clothes to keep warm through these horrendous times but never mind community folk the HTC will discuss it in another meeting and hopefully sometime before Christmas the awaited HTC Newsletter will arrive delivered now by Royal Mail after the disastrous Top Drop UK fiasco,let’s hope the community show enough is enough and use our Vote very wisely next May and bring in the changes that our community so need and deserve.

  2. I totally agree with everything Julie has said, the notice boards can be bought and are readily available in various sizes and styles. The time for delay and secrecy should be long gone.
    Actions should be speaking louder than words by now.

  3. I agree totally with everything Julie says! Keep up the brilliant work along with your buddy.

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