Tue. May 28th, 2024

Further to the numerous posts from Ferret and the proposed sale of the former allotments site at Club Terrace in Fitzwilliam, a further entry has now appeared in the May 2022 accounts.

The entry is titled “Sale of land – Club Terrace Fitzwilliam”

This land has been valued at up to £1.4 million.

When members of the public have been made aware by Ferret and other sources, many comments have been made about keeping this land and bringing it into community use.

If the Independent “cabal” hadn’t wasted over £2 million of our money in the last three years this could have already happened.

Ferret hopes that this land is retained and that the “cabal” of so called Independent Councillors are not given the opportunity to squander even more of our money by selling of our assets…

By Ferret

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