Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret posted yesterday, about the upcoming election in the South Ward at Hemsworth which is to be held this Thursday, 29 September 2022 at the Community Centre in Hemsworth.

Today, Ferret would like to share the election leaflets of the candidates who are standing:

Mr Kevin Conway – Labour

Kevin is the Chair of the Local Labour Party group and a Labour Party member.

Facebook page for Kevin Conway

Mr Ian McGinnies – Independent

Ian has asked Ferret to point out that he is not affiliated to any political party and stands only for the benefit of the South Ward residents.

Facebook page for Ian McGinnies

Mr Mark Colpus

Ferret has been unable to obtain an election leaflet from Mark.

By Ferret

One thought on “Election candidates…”
  1. Well doesn’t that just say it all?
    Can’t be arsed
    Thinks he doesn’t have to bother (got it in the bag)
    Well if that’s how he runs for election that is how he’ll treat being a councillor.
    Colpus for the independent can’t be arsed, I don’t care, in it for what I can get party.
    Let’s hope his lack of effort is reflected in the voting, and his non existence in the run up means non existence in the voting.

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