Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret readers will no doubt recall the posts about the large tent which Independent Hemsworth Town Council purchased, which cost £7199.99.

This was, as usual purchased with no business case and the tent they purchased cost a whopping £2,690 more than any other one listed on the Gala Tent website.

It then transpired that a further £1260 had been spent on “repairs”

Further investigation has revealed that Independent Hemsworth Town Council proffered an explanation to a concerned resident at the time, however as usual it raises more concern and questions with the explanation than it attempts to solve.

Apparently, according to Independent Hemsworth Town Council, the Marquee was left up to allow the ground staff to work inside on some large welding and other projects, the same that had been done the previous year.

Then snow fell in 2 hours and some parts were lowered with the weight and some legs bent.

According to Hemsworth Town Council, The good news was there was no damage to the Marquee sheets but they needed to replace some steel supports.

The damage was apparently minimal and not worth claiming from the Council’s insurance.

Ferret wonders- why did we pay for a repair of £1260.00 if the damage was minimal and not worth claiming on insurance?

Ferret looks forward to our non-forensic accountant unearthing this and reporting accordingly, after all we can rest assured Mr Draper will have shown her all the necessary paper work and invoices, including the written reply to this issue, won’t he?

By Ferret

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