Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Further to the recent Ferret post that highlighted the unlawful signage adjacent to the Eccles’ residence that contained threats of wheel clamping, to parked vehicles, Ferret can confirm that Alan Draper, The Town Clerk at Independent Hemsworth Town Council did authorise the signage, however it was apparently done without Hemsworth Town Council or Wakefield District Council approval.

He has apparently said he knew it was wrong but did it to deter parking whilst Yorkshire Water were undertaking their repair work at the Waterpark.

Ferret finds this answer very disturbing and totally unacceptable for various reasons:

  • We, as individuals cannot chose which laws of this country we want to obey. Local Authorities are not exempt either and their custodian of their rule books and advisor, the Town Clerk is supposed to uphold the laws, rules and regulations that apply without hesitation.

His excuse was, it was done to put off parking while work was underway does not stand up to scrutiny

  • Ferret is sure that Yorkshire water have their own “polite no parking” signs that allow drivers to see the reason why an area may need to be temporarily kept clear and this should have been used.
  • If this really was the case, why wasn’t the signage removed when work was completed 2 years ago?
  • Who were the main beneficiaries of this signage being in place? Councillors Gordon and Jean Eccles who live on that road.

Once again we have a Town Clerk making a decision, above his remit, acting ultra vires, that is without the authorisation of Hemsworth Town Council or Wakefield District Council.

An action that is contrary to the laws of this land.

Ferret understands no one was ever clamped but that is not the only point that matters here.

A Local Authority or a Local Authority employee should be setting a shining example and leading the way with compliance to the law.

Once again, the real long term beneficiaries of this disgraceful behaviour are 2 serving councillors whose “public private gated access” has been aided and abetted in being unlawfully kept clear from the public by the Hemsworth Town Council Town Clerk.

Mr Draper, you are employed by this community to protect our interests and not to put the interests, whether financial or otherwise of serving councillors or others, before that duty to this Township.

We have had it reported before that you “leave your principles at the door of your office”.

This is totally unacceptable, this has happened on this occasion, as it did when you removed the boundary fencing at the Wanneville allotment site, without Town Council approval, which then endangered children accessing the school.

What other laws are being broken or have been disregarded?

Are you a fit and proper person to be a central figure in the financial investigation currently underway?

Ferret definitely believes not.

Independent Hemsworth Town Council: To Obey or Not to Obey the Laws of This Land

Mr Draper: Your Principles and Duties are left at the door again.

If the Town Council do not take disciplinary action against you, then show a last piece of decency and resign.

By Ferret

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