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Ferret recalls, an ex-Hemsworth Town Councillor and current District Councillor, Ian Womersley, letting his mind ramble on Facebook, shortly after the 2019 elections, trying to justify the very expensive and foolhardy attempt to rescind the sale of the old sports centre site on Kirkby Road Hemsworth.

He envisaged it becoming “the dual in the crown” his words and spelling not Ferrets, where people could walk, enjoy the surroundings and meet up perhaps having a chat over a cup of coffee.

How idyllic it sounded, unfortunately he had obviously forgotten this community already owned such a place, the Waterpark and at that time it really was a “Jewel in the crown” of this community.

Why is Ferret raising this issue again you may ask?

Simply because a lady resident of this township, who incidentally has been enjoying such outings for many years in the Waterpark, has suddenly run into trouble with the powers that be at Hemsworth.

When she is able to, she likes nothing better than to walk to the park to take a few photographs if the opportunity presents itself, as it is her hobby and to sit enjoying a coffee while making a few notes about items necessary to her life.

These notes have included shopping and “to do” lists!

She was astonished and outraged when she received an email from the Town Clerk, Alan Draper which puts these needed breaks from life’s routines at jeopardy for her, in the Waterpark that we all pay for, a supposedly public space, the seems to be getting less public every day.

She has received an email, totally out of the blue, and she’s angry.

In it he claims she is,

  • inconsiderate towards staff
  • taking videos.
  • not to write notes at the park anymore, because it upsets staff

She says she has never been inconsiderate to staff and has never taken videos or photos of staff.
Ferret wonders just what levels have we dropped to when a resident cannot quietly sit, in a public park having a cup of coffee, while making a few notes to assist her in her day to day life.

She just kept thinking “How dare he?” – but then she realised there must be some other person behind this.

She had actually been in bed ill for most of the prior 4 weeks so she had only been down there a couple of times recently

After calming down, she returned to the Waterpark for a coffee and to try find out just who she was alleged to be making uncomfortable and would apologise if she had unwittingly caused any upset.

After quietly asking 3 members of staff, it became clear that they were absolutely clueless as to why she should be asking.

The general manager of everything, Samantha Knowles, seemed to know more but told her to contact Alan Draper and not to discuss with staff directly.

She claimed she knew that complaints had been made but wouldn’t comment further.

Ferret wonders if the staff concerned in making the complaints actually held the senior position?

The lady in question is rightly outraged as the accusations are potentially slanderous and imply that she is stalking or harassing staff.

She is so upset as this was the one place in the area where she could take time out and relax!

She is rightly concerned that Alan Draper sent the email to her without any investigation and evidence or even informally asking her to come in and have a chat about the issues allegedly raised.

They could even had a chat over a cup of coffee and both taken notes perhaps. (naughty Ferret)

The lady has now started to raise the issue through the complaints procedure but it seems that Hemsworth Town Council do not even know it and are making it up as they go along and of course the complaint is making zero progress.

That is another story for another day but in the meantime it means a lady remains in distress seeking and wanting answers that she is fully entitled to receive.

The Land Of Make Believe and the reality of life under Independent Hemsworth Town Council otherwise known as:

Make it up as you go along.

By Ferret

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