Thu. May 30th, 2024

At tomorrows Hemsworth Town Council Meeting, the following item is on the agenda:


To consider a resolution to sign up to the civility and respect pledge, in association with NALC and SLCC.

This is something of an oxymoron if Ferret has ever heard one, Hemsworth Independents and a civility and respect pledge?

What is going on here, this is so strange, so at odds with the Councillors and their former advisor that we all know and how they have behaved for the last three years.

The current Chair of Hemsworth Town Council, multi-millionaire Jean Eccles, always ready to hurl an insult or two when the peasants get out of hand or dare to invade her private space,  her entrance to the Waterpark.

Then again she does take their photos free of charge and posts them on Facebook.

She even gives them job descriptions such as “casing”.

How wonderful and endearing for our community or scum as she “affectionately” calls us. Such a role model to us lesser mortals!

There is David Pringle, their former special advisor, a man specially trained to seek out civil and respectful people. Who then proceeds to square up to anyone who dares to challenge or show dissent to his lords and masters, regardless of sex, ability or age. Has anyone else noticed they are usually a quarter of his size?

You should hear him bellow, well no don’t, not without ear defenders anyway.

Ferret wonders if any action taken against him by the Town Council following complaint after complaint?

No chance, in fact the victims of his abuse were treated with derision and contempt as the cabal closed ranks around him.

What about Alan Draper, the Town Clerk, does he show respect when he fails to answer questions in a timely manner or in full? Has any action been taken against him, despite repeated complaints?

Then we have our former Town Council Chair, Jim Kenyon, an amazing man, sorry Ferret doesn’t really think that word applies but must remain civil, Queen Jean is going to order it after all.

A holder of so many certificates and qualifications, surely he may be able to find one in his loft to cover civility and respect without bothering to sign up to this pledge?

It may cause a problem though, have they thought it through, someone may have to sign the document.

Maybe an X will do.

The former Council Chair who attacked a resident on the allotment site.

Who has hurled abuse at the disabled.

Those lies after lies he has made and continues to make to this Community.

Serious lies, has he shown any respect when he has refused to apologise when caught out?

Has he ever apologised for any of them at all?

Has he shown remorse for his lack of respect to the ladies of our community?

Now to a very serious issue, not that those few of the many they have committed above are not, they are.

Ferret remembers those dreadful posts Jim Kenyon made on Facebook to residents of this Community, in particular those to a lovely lady who was seriously ill and is sadly no longer with us, all for daring to ask questions about the Kirkby Road site.

Ferret sends belated condolences to all her family and friends who will sadly miss her.

Jim Kenyon was found guilty of bullying her and ordered to apologise and do social media training.

Ferret also wonders did he actually comply with the monitoring officers decisions when he was found guilty of this abysmal conduct?

Ferret is informed by a family member he did not.

Ferret’s sure you knew the answer to that question.

Call Ferret sceptical if you wish, but is this pledge for all to adhere to or just another way to “punish dissent” when residents dare to challenge anything this Council do?

A pledge aimed at the people of this Community, to be used as a weapon to rid insurrection from the masses?

Independent Hemsworth Town Council: Civility And Respect.

There’s an old saying that fits your actions very appropriately:

Civility costs nothing and Respect is earned.

By Ferret

3 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council: Civility And Respect or More Empty Words From Them, More Trouble For Us…”
  1. Looks like Janet Bower is back! and more VILE than ever. This sick excuse for a person must have been writing these posts since last week due to the volume of posts and words. This surely needs reporting and the person responsible is at the very least named and shamed!!!!

  2. Absolutely horrid what bower has been post is uttering similar to what the chairperson has said in tonight’s meeting, regarding her insinuations of certain councillors encouraging the public. Coincidence or what???

  3. So bower can’t get his/her facts right. Untruths over seaside trips and wrong name attached to photograph. If you’re going to spout venom at least make it factual.

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