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A resident has supplied Ferret, with the following information which relates to Independent Hemsworth Town Council and their Ice cream sales in their first year of office.

They are in a report that was produced for a Town Council meeting on the 24/03/22.

These are the Town Councils own figures as released by the Town Clerk Alan Draper and are alarming to say the least.

The first 4 years are under the previous Labour controlled Hemsworth Town Council:

2015-16       £28,304.19

2016-17       £20,186.28

2017-18       £40,768.43

2018-19       £26,267.87

Under the Independent controlled Hemsworth Town Council the sales figure was:

2019-20      £10,116.68

The figures are barely half that of the worst year out of the previous four years.

Ferret accepts that the infamous bar was under conversion during this year, for a short while but that still left the sales from the Beach shop and Playworld and that it seems rather strange that there is such a huge shortfall on the previous year’s sales.

Ferret has also been informed that Hemsworth Town Council possess portable Ice cream selling equipment that could or should have been used also.

Then again on reflection, maybe it was.

Ferret has to wonder what security procedures are in place to ensure any cash sales made are properly accounted for including:

  • Pedalo hire
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Merchandise and any other items.

Are all the items for sale on Hemsworth Town Council property,  items purchased by Hemsworth Town Council and go through the appropriate tills?

Again security checks and measures should have been in place to ensure this.

The number of meals sold should correspond with food receipts and checks in place to ensure only items of food on site are bone fide purchases by the council.

Once again checks and security measures should be in place to ensure all sales go through Town Council tills.

Ferret has to wonder if this is another case of financial blundering or something much more serious with corruption and dishonesty reaching into any and all monetary aspects of Hemsworth Town Council?

Maybe the Head of Security / General manager Samantha Knowles could enlighten us all as to the procedures she oversees?

Ice Cream, You (will) Scream “Did Someone Cream off Our Money?”

This community deserves answers…

By Ferret

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