Wed. May 22nd, 2024

As a community we are now well aware that Independent Hemsworth Town Council, now led by Jean Eccles, chose to ignore rules and regulations that apply to the rest of us and also to local authorities specifically.

The Nolan Principles, that the Government has in place to maintain standards of honesty and integrity for conduct in public life seem to have been long abandoned, if ever used by the Independent Councillors.

All of the cabal members hold a responsibility for everything they have voted for that violates these standards while they are in public office.

Jean Eccles and Shane Folletti, are two people who are at opposite ends of the cabal membership,

“Queen” Jean, now Chair of the Town Council and “Sir” Shane Folletti, the cabal’s latest recruit and “knighted” by Jim Kenyon,  both don’t seem to adhere to the rules, regulations and laws that apply to them in private life also.

Ferret, like most law abiding citizens is concerned about this in general, but very concerned when the broken rules affect members of our own community:

  • Mr. Folletti, have you registered your “charity” Shancys help the needy yet?
  • Mr Folletti, are you going to provide any audited accounts of how and where this Communities money has been used in all the time you have been operating this unregistered “charity”? (your public description of it not Ferrets)

Ferret would urge any future potential donors to use bona fide registered charities until such a time Mr Folletti comes forward with the explanation of why his “charity” isn’t registered with the Charities Commission and a full and proper account of where our goods and money have gone and been used over many years…

By Ferret

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