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At the Hemsworth Town Council meeting on the 12th May 2022, some interesting revelations emerged that were perhaps overshadowed by the dethroning of Mr Jim Kenyon.

There was of course, once again the obnoxious behaviour of David Pringle, oh how his wife Councillor Linda Pringle, must be really proud of him and how this will boost her position and reputation at Wakefield Council, so big so tough, he’ll take on anyone one tenth of his size and especially women but enough of him for now as Ferret believes he’s worthy of a complete post all to himself!

Then there was poor Mr Jim Kenyon and how his memory lapses really showed, over and over again he tried to jump in and chair the meeting. He even forgot his previous lies regarding the erecting of the marquee and invented another.

Poor Mrs Jean Eccles was perplexed as to how to handle him without upsetting his battered ego any further.

Then again poor Jean demonstrated she too doesn’t know how to chair a meeting, understandable really seeing as she obviously studied under that learned “teacher” Kenyon, but did Ferret mishear when she too said she had a certificate, but couldn’t remember whose loft it was in?

Kenyon seemed really rattled when the discussion came to disposing of the Digger and Trailer and tried his best to divert away from the proposal to sell them. He even suggested getting a valuation before having the discussion for some reason best known to him. He couldn’t quite grasp that this would be part of the disposal service.

Possibly he was hoping that when the real value is discovered the Council may decide not to pursue the sale as the loss would be too great.

Ferret believes this seems very strange, how much could such a valuable asset depreciate in 3 years given that it was thoroughly overhauled after purchase like all the other Kenyon bargain buys at inflated prices?

Also it has seen little use, with jobs across all Hemsworth Town Council sites remaining unfinished, coincidently since Kenyon lost his memory about ever driving the digger as well as his seemingly inability to climb unaided into the cab following the exposure of his disability and no longer being able to deliver meals.

Ferret was genuinely astounded by the revelation that Hemsworth Town Council didn’t even have a suitable vehicle powerful enough to tow the digger and Tractor unit and they had been using the existing tractor unit that could only tow them very slowly uphill by remaining in first gear.

Then again what should we expect for a purchase bought without any business plans except Kenyon’s?

It was also suggested buying a smaller digger to replace the white elephant of the big digger, then staff would actually be able to drive and use it.

Ferret would hope our Councillors have learnt from the costly past mistakes and look to hire one as and when and if the need actually arises in future, just like every other business would do.

Then again, they do need something to put in that huge store erected without Planning Permission or Building Regulations, otherwise that’s been another costly mistake exposed.

A question was asked by a member of our Parish as to why the carpets and other household rubbish removed without authorisation weren’t returned to the Eccles’ home, when The Town Clerk saw them still in the council skip.

Ferret was unable to hear Mr Draper’s reply, if there was one of course.

A resident asked when the asset register would be updated in proper detail, a question that has been asked before and for some reason Mr Draper seemed very evasive about answering again.

Ferret can’t believe it’s because the valuations they may receive will not match the ones that they have stated at the Council meetings, when they have been bragging how well they have done.

Perhaps someone should remind them that self-praise is no recommendation especially when it comes from Kenyon’s mouth.

It also didn’t appear to go down well when newly elected District Councillor, Melanie Jones pointed out that our Councillors had not objected to the land developments on an individual basis, additionally to the one from the Council, as they would carry more weight in the planning process.

When she went on to ask the Council to work with her to deal with issues it was met with floundering and diversion just as if she’d put them in a position that was untenable to them.

Ferret would have thought a straight answer YES would have been forthcoming without any prevarication.

Anyone listening would have thought they didn’t like her being elected as our District Councillor.

Can anyone think of a possible reason or any ideas? Maybe we could put them on a leaflet and distribute them in the hours of darkness.

Then there was Councillor Stanley Wilson, who managed to find his voice when coming out of the part of the meeting held in exclusion of press and public and told David Pringle what had just been discussed.

Again, how proud Councillor Linda Pringle must have been when she saw and heard this. Her brave husband whose not even a special advisor to the Council any longer, being included in private and confidential matters in breach of every data protection regulation you could name.

Well, Ferret hopes that confidential information from Councillor Linda Pringles’ work is not shared at home with him so casually.

Jean Eccles was so overwhelmed with her new found authority as the Chair of Hemsworth Town Council that she threatened to have Councillor Maxine Hird removed from the meeting for daring to ask questions.

What as all this to do with the representation of the people act you may be wondering?

Simple even the police do not have the power or authority to remove an elected councillor from a council meeting let alone Jean Eccles.

Perhaps as well as for her training in preparation for Chair, she used Jim Kenyon for her legal advice.

On the subject of legal advice, it seems our Town Council are finally dispensing with the services of Richard Buxton Solicitors. This is the firm of solicitors who have reaped thousands upon thousands of our precept fighting Mr Jim Kenyon’s hapless legal battles. Did they ever win a case Mr Kenyon?

Ferret has only one last thing to say, Heaven help us!

By Ferret

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  1. sorry what s Linda pringles reputation at Wakefield got to do with it surely she aint a district councillor or as she plans to run as one god forbid as for her misogynist bullying spouse its quite clear he is used by the cabal o disrupt public questions its their ploy to use him to reduce pqs to a shambolic shambles so they can justify ending them

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