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At the Hemsworth Town Council meeting held on 24 March 2022, Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair was asked a question regarding the Marquee which him and his Independent colleagues chose to spend £7199.99 on and then a further £1200 on repairs, neither of which were voted on or approved by the Councillors.

Mr Jim Kenyon was further questioned about the costs involved with erecting and dismantling the Marquee, his response “It’s all done in house”.

Ferret would like to put aside the fact that anything done “in house” obviously incurs a cost whether that be in staffing or the fact that when completing these tasks they are taken away from their daily routine of jobs and ask readers to take a look at this entry in the accounts of Independent Hemsworth Town Council:

So in actual fact, Independent Hemsworth Town Council paid £300 to have the Gala Tent erected by “Chris Winterbourne Your Event”

Ferret will answer my own question posed at the beginning of this post:

Is Mr Jim Kenyon capable of telling the truth?

No he is not – Mr Jim Kenyon is a LIAR.

Caught out again Mr Jim Kenyon, how many more lies will you tell to this Community? RESIGN

By Ferret

2 thought on “Is Mr Jim Kenyon capable of telling the truth…”
  1. Is Jim Kenyon even his real name? Makes me wonder how such a low life like this dare show his face anywhere or with anyone but then again birds of a feather flock together don’t they. It will be very interesting to see who puts there hand up to support such a despicable liar at the up and coming meetings.

  2. i can remember the tent being bought and i can also remember Kenyon asking the company who supplied it if they would erect it for the first time, so yes they did pay for it erecting.

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