Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Here, as a reminder for Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Council and Mr Alan Draper, Clerk at Independent Hemsworth Town Council are the “Financial Regulations” which you are supposed to follow as part of your procurement process:



h. When it is to enter into a contract of less than £25,000 in value for the supply of goods or materials or for the execution of works or specialist services other than such goods, materials, works or specialist services as are excepted as set out in paragraph (a) the Clerk shall obtain 3 quotations (priced descriptions of the proposed supply); where the value is below £5,000 and above £1000 the Clerk shall strive to obtain 3 estimates. Otherwise, Regulation 10.3 above shall apply.

Ferret believes that on a number of occasions you have failed to follow this as part of your procurement process, Is there a reason why?

By Ferret

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