Thu. May 30th, 2024
Mr Jim Kenyon

Ferret can reveal that a staggering £137,792.02 of YOUR money has been wasted by Independent Hemsworth Town Council in litigation and associated costs against Saul Construction limited with respect to the former Sports Complex on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth since May 2019.

£137,792.02 of YOUR money which Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair – Independent Hemsworth Town Council spent on a personal vendetta that he knew he could not win.

£137,792.02 of YOUR money that his Independent cronies voted time and time again to continue to spend:

  • Ian Womersley
  • Gordon Eccles
  • Jean Eccles
  • Stan Wilson
  • Graham Hirst
  • Eric Mitchell
  • Linda Pringle
  • Peter Hardacre

£137,792.02 of YOUR money which YOU were not asked how you wanted to spend it.

Ferret believes this figure could actually be higher if all associated on costs had been included in it.

This figure would have been increasing by the day if the good people of the Hemsworth, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam had not become aware of the full legal aspects of the case.

Ferret, as everyone else, firmly knows where the blame lands here – at the feet of MR JIM KENYON, who has spent £137,792.02 of YOUR money on his personal vendetta.  

Time to RESIGN, before the good precept payers take the matter out of your hands…

By Ferret

8 thought on “Total amount of money wasted on litigation…”
  1. They should be made to repay this money to our community. Resigning is the least they can do.

  2. He shouldn’t just be allowed to walk away from this. Turfed out and prosecuted yes.

  3. Where did this information come from please? I put in a FOI that was to be discussed at the meeting on the 6th and I am yet to get the figures or see the meeting minutes online.

  4. The figures were obtained directly from the Clerk via a F.O.I request. Ferret has had to make a rough estimate as to the Clerks hours spent and the cost as he only sent a rough estimate of the time himself. However, this amounts to a very small part of the total figure.

  5. I understand that Draper and Kenyon are going to block any questions other than LP21 at the meeting tomorrow night. They will not answers questions on finance or conduct.

  6. Even if they do you have to deduct fact from fiction and disregard everything that comes from their mouths, so really a waste of time anyway. There’s only one answer and that is removal from office and prosecution where appropriate.

  7. On reading this it truly leaves me utterly disheartened. The better part of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds for what!, nothing absolutely nothing. An absolute imbecile could see that they were never in a million years going to win that case Saul had fulfilled ninety nine percent of his contractual obligations there was no case for him to answer to. The lawyers knew that the public knew that but not HTC no they knew better God give us strength. We live in one of the most poverty stricken areas of this country we have both food and clothing banks along with school uniform exchanges. That money could have gone a very long way to helping those places in their never ending struggle but no personal power games come first. Next on the agenda get some proper audited truly independent profit and loss for that white elephant of a pub down at the park I’ll never be convinced in a million years that place is a viable going concern it’s empty for nigh on nine months of the year. Left to their own devices they’ll bankrupt the entire township no wonder they’re in a rush to sell everything. It’s an utter disgrace how they’ve squandered our money and I can’t help but think that old pub was just an excercise in laying the ground out at great financial cost to us and not to the folk who’ve always had a beady eye on it, distressed loss making assets always sell more cheaply.

  8. And last night the Kirby road complex was used as an excuse why they didn’t know about the LP21 because they were only concerned about Kirby road.

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