Mon. May 20th, 2024

For those of you that are not aware Councillor Hird spends a lot of her spare time rescuing and helping animals in need.

Ferret can not believe the low level that some of our current Independent Town Councillors will go to. One of them has reported Councillor Hird to the monitoring officer at Wakefield Council.

This is what Councillor Hird posted on her own Facebook:

“I was reported for helping rescue and the Councillor in question asked for details of the rescue work I did and stated I needed investigating. Obviously they found me NOT guilty of the accusations. I am fuming after 13 yrs of helping animals this person has actually accused me of things that are unbelievable. Another reason I’m tired of all this.”

Carry on the good work Councillor Hird..

By Ferret

4 thought on “Councillor Hird – NOT GUILTY”
  1. I think I know of a badger called Jim who might need rescuing soon from the HSE and fraud squad?

  2. I read that as firing squad … clearly wishful thinking on my part

  3. Even Brian May won’t save Jim if he is proven to have done the things he has been accused of.

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