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For nearly three years, since distributing election materials littered with lies and false promises, the ‘Independent’ group of candidates have systematically lied to the electorate whilst stripping our Township of its assets both monetary and otherwise.

Ferret came into being on 26th July 2021, with the aim of ensuring the electorate were aware of the antics of the Independent cabal under the leadership of narcissist Mr Jim Kenyon and to put a stop to as many as possible.

During this time Ferret has uncovered a myriad of dubious purchases, contracts, reckless spending and more.

Along the way certain Councillors have fallen on their sword and resigned, most notably Mr Ian Womersley who to this day remains in his paid role of District Councillor allegedly representing your best interests at Wakefield.

As everyone who has read my posts will be aware there were two ‘projects’ which the Independent Council railroaded through from day one in office.

The first of these was the vindictive vendetta which Mr Jim Kenyon had waged for years against Saul Construction Limited. Using our money, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds in litigation in a case which He knew he could not win.

With a Court date looming, mediation took place on 30 November 2021. Ferret understands at the meeting Mr Kenyon and his chosen legal team led by Dr Paul Stookes finally accepted that the contract to sell the Sports Complex to Saul Construction Limited must be completed as soon as possible.

Ferret believes that putting this information into the public domain has somewhat forced Mr Kenyon’s hand, alongside the newly elected Councillors who have started to unpick the Council business and try to make Mr Kenyon accountable.

The second of his projects is his personal vanity project of hosting the Vengaboys at Hemsworth Waterpark at a cost to you of at least £80,000 – more to come on this shortly.

While ever members of the ‘Independent Cabal’ remain as Councillors at Hemsworth Town Council, Ferret will continue to expose their dubious business.

Ferret believes Mr Kenyon should now RESIGN taking with him his fellow supporters, the noose is tightening…

By Ferret

9 thought on “The net is closing in…”
  1. Keep up the good work Ferret, they all need to go, especially Womersley who may think he’s dodged the bullet but he was very complicit in the activities of kenyon and Eccles’ Pringle etc.

  2. Keep going ferret and we need to keep spreading the news too. The more people’s eyes are opened the better.

  3. There was a young lady elected yesterday for the west ward and another fine lady did not both were truly exceptional candidates ands it’s a shame they both could not be elected. May I say to the newly elected councillor and her fellow labour councillors and the genuinely independent ones please work together for the good of this township party and individual aliegance at this level is irrelevant. However what is important is that this clique have their feet held to the fire the day of the nodding dog is over the people of these villages deserve better please endeavour to do that for them and good luck too you all

  4. A huge congratulations to Donna Moran Lab councillor ,another lady to serve our community and not themselves,bit by bit residents need to chip away at the bad rock and eventually it will crumble and fall.A huge Thankyou to Ferrett for gathering all the evidence,residents need to have their voices heard and votes can make a huge difference on how our community is run ,hope this is the beginning for several councillors downfalls.

  5. Their days of doing as they please without any recourse to scrutiny are over because from here on in there’s another dog in the pack yes they can have their secret private meetings but some of the dogs are no longer nodding and they’re also going to ask those who keep nodding why they’re doing so. So to all the nodders who got elected on the independent ticket but are anything but independent your every move and utterance or none from here on in is being watched so either start being independent and stop being told like children how to behave and what to do or go you’re surplus to requirements.

  6. I wasn’t aware of the full extent of goings on until quite recently, when I heard of this Ferret character. But here’s what I have realized in a short time. The town council is being chaired by an ego driven spiv with a very checkered past! He has a town clerk who should be independent of influence from the ruling faction, and should be there as a checks and balance device to make sure proper procedures are followed and Council business is above board. But this Town clerk isn’t separate from the political body, and is clearly part of the inner circle of Jim Kenyon’s regime. This means vast sums of money have been frittered away on ill advised legal challenges regarding Kirkby road site and Saul construction.There are also allegations of the Council breeching health and safety regulations on asbestos at best, at worst riding roughshod over them and possibly accounting for removal costs by an unknown removal firm who until we see proper documentation, have to assume are invented! This on top of possibly endangering the welfare of staff as well.The current mandarins at HTC need to address these allegations, and show that they are just hearsay if that is the case, but there’s nothing forthcoming from them. One part of the allegations is that the suspected asbestos material was buried in the footings of the storage building it came from. I hope this isn’t the case, but if it is it’s a complete disgrace, leaving a potential asbestos hazard for future workers to unearth! If they don’t think it isn’t a serious matter or that they cannot be touched over it, they are mistaken. Others may not have been directly involved in this possible crime, but if they continue to be part of some cover up, they will be in a lot of trouble. All this seems like only the tip of an iceberg of likely wrongdoings at HTC, and it needs to be unpicked. I’d say there are some very nervous people surrounding the chairman, and if they don’t think a person like him will not throw them under the bus to save his own skin, I think they are seriously deluded. I’d urge them to act now, and save themselves going down with the Kenyon ship, or instead of it.

  7. Should have read “If they think a person like him won’t throw them under the bus” Sorry, but I think people know what I meant.

  8. Unfortunately, without evidence and the support of the WMDC Monitoring Officer, our independent Councillors will not be held to account.
    And, until very recently, all the decisions made were (in theory) supported by full council, as there was no record of how the votes fell, so if there are any wrongdoings, it won’t be just the “Independents” who will be liable.
    I too have been thankful to The Ferret for highlighting all the questionable activities but, being a “keyboard warrior” (yes, I’m picking up the lingo!) is not enough in itself.
    Does anyone else think we need to get better organised?
    Should we be discussing this at a Town Public Meeting in January 2022, to collate ideas and kick off a plan of action? At least we would be able to dictate the agenda!
    I just can’t wait until the May 2023 election – by then will all the reserves we have be gone and will we have built up other debts and liabilities?

  9. I was told by the monitoring office that if it’s been voted for then anything goes more or less. Basically he can do whatever he wants so long as the majority vote for it. 🤷🏼‍♀️. Just felt what’s the point.

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