Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret would like to say a big THANKYOU to all of my readers.

Since returning to Facebook on 23rd November visitors to both my website and Facebook page have increased dramatically.

Coming soon…

Starting on December 1st 2021, Ferret will be taking a look back at a few, but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief…

By Ferret

5 thought on “A big Thankyou…”
  1. Told you, you needed to be back on Facebook too many people missing out on information that didn’t know your site

  2. I’m glad to see you on fb, I missed some of your comments.
    Welcome back x

  3. Just been up to community centre for a look round, wish I’d not bothered. A lot of empty stalls, or perhaps they packed up early, no one I could see welcoming people in, in fact one door blocked by two women and a child. Nothing outside that I saw to say there was anything happening inside, except a sign that I saw a few week back to say the lift is still not working, I thankfully don’t need it. However the instruction on the sign was to enter the building from the main road if you needed go be downstairs. Which is OK until you realise that parking is behind the centre which means if you’ve parked there you have to then walk down Highfield road to access the building and then back up the hill to get back to the car park. I drove back home past cross hills and it’s dead it is cold and this will be deterring people, never seen anything so un christmassy, two stalls like you’d see at a fun fair one to win bear there was something at the side of barclays not sure what and some rides in the opening between the charity shop and what used to be the card shop. Saw no one apart from someone in hi viz who was talking to the win a bear stall holder. It really was so unwelcoming. Weather playing a part I guess but let’s hope it becomes more exciting later on. Or am I expecting too much.

  4. I’m sure the small army of volunteers who gave up most of their Saturday to man those unchristmassy stalls, and Santa’s Grotto, and the HTC staff and volunteers who worked their socks off to get it all organised, who all still turned up despite the horrible weather, will be really grateful for that review.
    I’m sure they’ll be delighted to have you help them do a much better job next year, and I personally look forward to you making sure we get a nice clear, sunny, dry day next time, dear anonymous commenter

  5. Maybe next time they should do it in December? Especially the Santa’s grotto? You can’t control the weather though, and it’s been pretty bad today.

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