Mon. May 20th, 2024

In the latest Newsletter – Independent Hemsworth Town Council:

Ferret can confirm these Defibrillators have been in place since 2017, precured by Labour led Hemsworth Town Council.

Defibrillator 1 was placed at the Community Centre in March 2017:

Defibrillator 2 was placed at the Lakeside Café in May 2017:

Defibrillator 3 was placed at the Fitzwilliam Centre shortly afterwards:

Ferret would have thought Mr Jim Kenyon would have something of his own he could claim credit for in the last two years…

By Ferret

12 thought on “Defibrillators…”
  1. They like to take credit for things they have not done because they have done nothing for the community except slander and pilfer from it

  2. Oops Bodgers done it again, Kenyon is a Born and bred liar, and looks like Drapers no better than the rest of them printing this claim to fame.

  3. Omg what next, Kevin you’re wasting your time going to a private meeting with Kenyon’s lot unless it’s recorded. Don’t waste your time and effort unless they will agree to their answers being recorded.

  4. I,ve just seen there’s a puppet show on Saturday at the Xmas lights switch on. Is it Bodger and Badger?

  5. maybe it will be adressed on the white elephant that is the corrections page on hemsworth tophat cabal website H.T.C

  6. So let me get this right Kenyon is trying to take the credit for something the previous labour led council did. The council he accused of misdoings???
    Bodger badger strikes again think he has mashed potatoes for brains.

  7. Nothing surprises me anymore When they do something good, there is always a twist in there somewhere, NOT giving the true details or the true costs. What I can’t understand is when are they going to realise that in this day & age everything is recorded somewhere. They just make themselves look so silly and unprofessional. IMO

  8. Badgers latest post is bragging about how Kenyon created a leaflet with claims about lies he thinks Upson told, and posted it to all the villages, maybe something similar needs to happen?

  9. Seems the bodgers alter ego Janet has slipped a comment in on his badger site! The one that starts with ” desperate times calls for desperate measures” . Ironic really as this one is having another rant about taxis? Obviously having a go at a local business owner who dared make a comment… Naughty badger …err I mean naughty Janet Bower. This is all getting bonkers now , it really is

  10. Badger has a go at anyone who dares to ask questions.
    How about get f**cked Badger!!! Had enough of this tosser now and there possy on the council!! Thank God you are here again ferret. God help the council moving forward, the good ones are at risk of being tarnished with same brush. I hope they get hauled into a parliamentary committee questions meeting. Arses’ will fall out then.

    They need to think for themselves. Stop being puppets and stop being corrupt. Just because old council did it (not proven) isn’t a reason for this council to do it.

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