Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Voting is taking place today for a Councillor in the South Ward at Hemsworth.

Please do go and vote at the Community Centre.

You do not need anything other than yourself to be able to cast your vote.

Remember – Your vote is the one which could make the difference.

By Ferret

20 thought on “Hemsworth South Election”
  1. Well the people of hemsworth have spoken
    Voted in another of kenyons men to the point where again he has the majority of votes to wipe hemsworth clean
    Hemsworth Town council is on its last legs and will be bankrupt by the end of their term and then it will be too late
    I hope these people who voted realise that when the council go bankrupt hemsworth will go into wakefields hands
    The hands that they are stating neglect hemsworth

  2. Looks like the FREE seaside trip was the sweeter required.
    Coming soon the permanent Puppets on a string show, but where will it be held ?

  3. The tragedy here is the Labour party can’t even field a candidate in the constituency town on how the mighty have fallen. The so called Independents with the exception of one who are not really independent at all but are secretly ran by a small inner circle with the rest taking orders must be cracking the champagne bottles today they’ve never had it so easy and look to continue to do so.

  4. This is a post from folletti posted on his hemsworth hub page. God help us all has he forgot his gut churning video that was removed from Kenyon’s and his fb feeds of him being knighted by Kenyon in fancy dress, Kenyon loves a bit of fancy dress. Probably thinks no one can see the true him behind it. Questions were asked at the time of why this was done no response was given. Up each other b sides.

    “Well, I’ve been voted into the role of councillor for south ward of Hemsworth.

    Firstly, I would like to thank Lyn Morton on the fair campaign that she did. There’s no winner or loser. Well done Lyn on the votes you received.

    Secondly, I would like to thank all that voted for me and those that gave me supportive messages. For the haters, my thoughts and response for you guys are in the following brackets ( )

    Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife Nancy Folletti for being there for me in this.

    As my campaign leaflet explained, I am truly “Independent” and I do not belong to any party/organisation, I’m just me. And I will stay me. If I agree/disagree with anyone in council, I will vote accordingly.

    The reason I wanted to become a councillor was to help the community and that’s my intension. If I can help make it happen, I will. Sometimes things don’t go our way, but I believe that if we try, at least we have a chance to make things happen.

    My role as Councillor starts on Tuesday 21st September. Looking forward to it. Take care everyone and have a good weekend.”

  5. Haters..this is a hint at me. I don’t hate anybody but what I did say is
    Is he truly independent or is he JK patsy? Appears fooletti is using JK language? Thought he was supposed to work on behalf of the community?
    Quite a cheeky dig at me also from one of his disciples 😂 on Hemsworth Hub, I’ve also been blocked 😂

  6. Hemsworth hub haha might as well call it Hemsworth club a private member’s club at that with only the chosen few allowed to join and comment and should anyone have the audacity to post something they don’t like off you jolly well go

  7. Maybe if they credited there
    choice a bit more rather than
    throw abuse at there
    opposition maybe it’s just a
    Labour thing but I did note a
    councillors wife doing it
    (independent but really Labour)
    anyway well done mate
    unlucky Lyn who I really do
    believe will make a great
    councillor hopefully on my
    And that’s the other comment. Throw abuse? Didn’t happen 🤣
    Freedom of speech under British Values, yes. We live in a democracy where we can express our opinions. Maybe need to educate some people about British Values

  8. The newly elected SHANE FOLETTI has now removed his “haters” speech!! from hemsworth hub page. He also appears to be removing everything from his own FB page.. this is after seriously editing his ” help the needy” page last week.. let the games begin !!!

  9. That comment by Nigel has gone as well Vickie..along with the “haters” speech I did read it myself before it was all taken down..he will no doubt try and get elected himself one day and we know whose side he is on considering he delivered manifesto leaflets for Ian W when it was his campaign !

  10. I would have liked the opportunity to respond to them but as soon as they posted they blocked me.
    Obviously can’t take being questioned about their integrity. I would have challenged both if them as they were incorrect.
    Apparently the comment is still showing on fooletti page 😂

  11. Labour thing vickie
    Sounds to me that you are sounding just like the rest of the independents
    Don’t like the truth most of the time and people questioning peoples values
    You can’t sit in the middle of this like you and your husband seem to be doing playing both games

  12. Independent but really labour ??’
    Independents really work with British values don’t they that’s why we’re such a mess
    Hemsworth Town council needs disbanding to stop people who are just lining theirs pockets with our hard earned money and to stop others who haven’t a clue of which side of the fence they are on trying to make themselves look good

  13. Mmmm we are not playing games. I openly post in my own name and own what I say “Hetty”
    Have a good evening

  14. Might be best not to field a Labour candidate. After all at most of the meetings of the Town Council they blame Labour for this, that and the other. perhaps they are keeping their powder dry until local elections spring 2023. Maybe then when election leaflets go out they can put a comprehensive list of all the stuff that the ‘independents’ have done, burying rubbish on the land, tidying up Eccles eyesore etc and on and on and on

  15. Fooletti has to show his true crassness to the masses! I do admire people that have noticed the clean up, the deleting comments and so forth.

  16. I disagree Hetty because I have witnessed Vickies changes and as soon as she said something questioning or truthful her comments get deleted and booted.

  17. I think it was probably me who started the ‘hate’ as I pointed out the philanthropist title was a bit off considering he was a big supporter of a chair who is throwing much needed money down the drain.
    His son then commented with a lot of stuff about how I shouldn’t judge and spend time with the bloke. I suggested that as when voting for say your MP you don’t get to ‘spend ten mins in their company before you decide’ you go on the person they display to the public and this newly elected councillor has clearly shown us he’s in league with coun K. Ferret has shown us proof that Coun K has lost us money at lakeside, we can see the solicitors fees, we know about buried rubbish, all of which bring his integrity into question. For that reason I couldn’t support anyone who supports him. That’s not being a hater it’s making a fact based decision.

  18. Independent but really labour lol, everyone one of them stood for UKIP in the previous election.

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