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Back in 2010, Tesco submitted plans to expand their store in Hemsworth. Tesco had at some time previously, purchased the old Co-op food store which was derelict and unoccupied.

To summarise the plans, Tesco wanted to extend their current store and demolish the adjacent Co-op building to create additional parking.

The plans are available here:…/applicationDetails…

Ferret understands there were some objections from the local residents, whose properties adjoin the site; some of their comments can also be seen on the link.

Unfortunately for them, Wakefield Council passed the planning application so Tesco were able to proceed…

However, local resident Mr Jim Kenyon (now Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council) had other ideas. Mr Kenyon believed that an Environmental Impact Assessment should have taken place prior to the decision being made by Wakefield Council.

To cut a very long story short, Mr Jim Kenyon used legal aid to “fight” this through the Court system.

With his choice of solicitors instructed Mr Richard Buxton, based in Cambridge, the case reached the High Court in London on 29 January 2013.

Mr Justice Walker quickly dismissed the case and ordered Mr Jim Kenyon to pay costs to Wakefield Council.

The full transcript of the case is available here:…/r-james-kenyon-v…

What does this have to do with Hemsworth Town Council, you may ask…

Firstly, Mr Jim Kenyon using public (YOUR) money to take this matter through the Court System


Secondly, Mr Jim Kenyon’s choice of solicitor…


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