Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret feels it is only right, to share the following with the current elected members of Hemsworth Town Council.

A Councillor can become disqualified only for limited reasons including:

• Failure to attend meetings without reason for six months

• Becoming bankrupt or being sentenced to at least three months imprisonment (even if suspended) 

• They can also become disqualified in RELATION TO CORRUPT OR ILLEGAL PRACTICES, or by becoming a paid officer of the council


Maxine Hird (Labour)

Jim Kenyon (Independent)

Stan Wilson (Independent)

Graham Hirst (Independent)

Eric Mitchell (Independent)

Shaun Middleton (Independent)

Linda Pringle (Independent)

Ian Womersley (Independent)

Alan Dodson (Labour)

Ann Westmorland (Labour)

Geoff Westmorland (Labour)

Gordon Eccles (Independent)

Jean Eccles (Independent)

Peter Hardacre (Independent)

Just how did YOU vote on all the decisions related to the sale of the former Sports Complex to Saul Construction Limited?

Ferret would hope that, Mr Alan Draper (Clerk to Hemsworth Town Council) has kept accurate records on all these should they be required.

By Ferret

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