Wed. May 22nd, 2024

It’s been a busy last few days for Hemsworth Ferret, thank you to everyone for your likes, comments, shares and messages to the page.

This past week, Ferret has asked a number of questions to Mr James (Jim) Kenyon, Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council, Hemsworth Town Council itself and others, to which we have yet to receive a response.

We are aware they have been monitoring our page, they claim to be “open and transparent”, so let’s have some answers:

The Sports Complex – Hemsworth Town Council v Saul Construction…

• What is the current legal advice you have received?

• How much money has this cost the precept payers so far?

• How much do you expect this to cost in total?

• How much money has been spent on the site of the former Sports Complex in terms of maintenance, security, insurance etc on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth since 2019?

Mr James (Jim) Kenyon… liar, liar pants on fire?

Claims made by Mr Kenyon – Is any of the following true?

• He is a former teacher at Barnsley College

• He is a qualified builder

• He is a former College lecturer

• He is a former Publican

• He is a former member of the Armed Forces

Jobs for the Boys (and Girls!) …

• How many members of staff have been employed who are related to the Independent Councillors?

“We will conduct a Scientific Audit of this LABOUR Council and former Town Clerk to see where your money has GONE over the last 15 years.”

• Why has this report not been published for the parishioners to see?

• How much did this cost?

“Allotments all available plots will be made safe clear and workable.”

• Could the Independent Hemsworth Town Council explain why they are in the process of disposing of a large number of Allotments at one of the sites they own?

“Cemetery…ensure Wakefield Council maintain our cemetery equal to those in Wakefield, unlike this LABOUR council who do what LABOUR controlled Wakefield council say”

• We already pay Wakefield Council to maintain this, why are they not doing so?

• Why are we paying twice for the same thing?

• Maybe Independent District Councillor Womersley could help us out here?

“Provide a youth club to get the kids off the streets. Reintroduce the subsidised Community Dinner-Incorporate a Licensed Bar to the main room available for all your functions to turn around another white Elephant £100,000 a year loss.”

• Let’s see some real profit and loss figures from the Independent Town Council…

“Valehead PARK – Make Wakefield accountable as they have a legal duty to provide and maintain this park facility for all our community”

• Has anyone noticed any massive changes since 2019?

“Rejuvenate YOUR Kinsley Water Park, run down for years, up date install a Licensed Bar available for all to celebrate-food vouchers for parking Summer pop Concerts Longer better opening hours to turn around £120,000 a year deficit to a profit. Restock the fishing ponds.”

• Fishing Lakes – Has there been any money spent on restocking?

Answer received via a Freedom of Information request (FOI)

– There has been no money at all spent on those lakes in the last three years.

• How much did this cost you, the precept payer?

• Food vouchers? – Has anyone received any?

“When elected we will reduce your precept by over £200,000”

• Has this happened?

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