Mon. May 20th, 2024

At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 18 January 2023, just as expected Councillor Jean Eccles claimed that herself, Jim Kenyon and Alan Draper were Vindicated!

Ferret begs to differ.

Councillor Eccles confirmed that the full FORENSIC AUDIT did NOT take place and the reason?


However, Councillor Jean Eccles did confirm that the (non-forensic) accountant chosen by Jim Kenyon and Alan Draper did cost “near up to £6500”.

This is more than the FULL FORENSIC AUDIT cost, which Jim Kenyon instigated against the previous Labour Town Council which found NO CASE TO ANSWER.

Even though the accountant did not conduct a Full Forensic Audit, Jean Eccles stated they had made a couple of “recommendations”.

Alan Draper correct Eccles with confirmation that around TWELVE financial issues at Independent Hemsworth Town Council needed to be addressed.

This included:

  • Confirmation that a Councillor had taken money from the till at the Lakeside Café bar without authorisation.
  • Purchases being made from Amazon, without any price comparison.
  • Companies no longer being employed who will only accept CASH payments.

Ferret wonders if Independent Hemsworth Town Council will ever publish the full unredacted non forensic report?

Finally Councillor Kenyon asked Councillor Hird about an investigation from the FRAUD INVESTIGATION SQUAD at West Yorkshire Police.

Councillor Hird confirmed that an officer has been allocated to the case and an investigation IS ongoing pending more evidence.

Not the resounding Vindication you indicated – was it Jean?

If a non-forensic audit has managed to uncover so many issues, Ferret wonders how many issues a fully qualified Forensic Auditor would have found…

By Ferret

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