Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Concern was recently raised, regarding the apparent lack of use of the Disclosure Baring Service even where councillors are closely interacting with vulnerable groups.

Most people would feel it should be essential and even if not compulsory by legislation, that those councillors who are in close situations with groups such as the elderly or children would voluntary opt to undertake a DBS check.

People’s concerns are real, given that at least one councillor (Eccles) on Hemsworth Town Council has a known criminal record.

Two councillors have already declared that they have current DBS Checks and they are:

Councillor Maxine Hird (Enhanced) from her work as an NHS volunteer and Councillor Ian McGinnies from his employment as a driving instructor.

Following a request from a resident, Hemsworth Town Council Town Clerk Alan Draper, has released that two others have DBS clearance, Councillors Shaun Middleton and Donna Moran.

Councillor Ian McGinnies also recently applied for a further new DBS through the Town Council, which has now been processed and is clear.

Ferret would like to thank these four councillors for their due diligence and consideration in giving reassurance to this community.

However, what about the rest? Do they have something to hide…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Disclosure Baring Service Update…”
  1. Working and serving in the community with the very young to the elderly it should be common practice,mandatory to hold a current and valid DBS.It safeguards not only the parishioners but safeguards the councillors themselves and the HTC employees and they can apply for them at no cost to themselves as the HTC pay for them.Maybe the councillors who hold a DBS are the true community councillors who are visible and serve their wards and the parishioners and should be applauded those councillors who are invisible to the community may think they are exempt as they do and give very little .Perhaps they could show the councillors who hold a DBS in the next Newsletter .

  2. Just because a Councillor doesn’t want a DBS , it doesn’t mean they are trying to hide anything.
    But , if they agree to have one done, perhaps the parisoners might view them accordingly

  3. All serving councillors and any person working and serving with all ages of the public should have a current DBS and every councillor should want to have one as a matter of course for their own protection as much as the public’s.

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