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At the Council meeting on the 01/12/22 at 7pm, Alan Draper’s and Jean Eccles’ crude and foolhardy attempt to hoodwink the electorate took an unbelievable turn, even before it started.

A lengthy document was placed on the seats of members of the public, apparently trying to rewrite history with regards to the council’s dealings with Saul Construction – yet again.

During public questions, it was raised by a member of the public that if Saul had paid in full in 2012 all the problems for Jimmy and Jean and their independent cabal councillors wouldn’t have happened.

So it was all was caused by, well you can guess, the last lot again.

Ferret bets you can even guess who the member of the public was, David Pringle no less, former advisor, husband of cabal  Councillor Linda Pringle and their one man abusive attack force.

He went so far as to say the previous council should have foreclosed the deal.

As reported before, who caused the delays and problems?

Jim Kenyon and associates, including none other than David Pringle!

The then Town Council followed legal advice, it predicted the outcome and it is publicly available.

Can this Town Council say the same?

If they had they wouldn’t have had to pay for those expensive legal advisors and for their plans for the Kenyon Womersley “dreamland” at a cost of millions, that they wanted us to pay for.

Ferret has not seen the document yet and unless there is good reason to, is not going to waste any more time with this drivel and diversion.

As Councillor Maxine Hird said “move progress”

A member of the public stated that she had asked for information from Alan Draper regarding the Farmers Car park renovations and all associated costs.  She asked Mr Draper for all info re that, contracts drawn up by HTC and yourselves (Eccles’) and all costs associated.

Drapers reply was very vague and he had not answered the questions, which is not unusual.

She also asked about an invoice from MRC Groundworks, which she had requested a copy of some time ago and for some reason Mr Draper had failed to provide it.   

Also why did you engage MRC?

Why was Code 101 used in your accounts when this relates to the Lakeside?

The car park which belongs to you. (Jean Eccles)

Jean Eccles’ response was to deny owning the car park.

Ferret thinks you are splitting hairs here a bit aren’t you Jean? Hiding behind company ownership and then refusing to discuss any further stating it was on the agenda, knowing full well that the member of the public wouldn’t be allowed to ask questions during the meeting.

More to follow on this one Jean, Ferret hopes you have your legal advisers on standby…

An email was then read out which raised the unnecessary costs and duplication of music, namely the juke box at the Lakeside. This is something which Ferret has highlighted for a number of months.

Lo and behold Jean Eccles agreed and agreed to its removal.

Councillor Ann Westmorland posed the question “Who are you going to sell it to?”

No response was given.

Anyone would think there is an election looming next year.

Alan Draper reported to meeting the resignation of Eric Mitchell and the options available to the council.

The councillors chose to go for co-option.

Ferret wonders if that was another reason why Kenyon’s long term sidekick David Pringle was at the meeting?

Much to his obvious disappointment the vacancy will be advertised and be on the January meeting.


To consider amending the respective procedures for dealing with freedom of information requests and subject access requests so that such requests do not have to be (anonymously) reported to the council.

Believe it or not even Kenyon said he agreed with this!

Hypocrisy at its very best or worst given that he was one of the driving forces behind it in the first place having it referred to the Town Council meetings for decisions.

Did someone say election jitters are in the air?


To consider the audio recording of the confidential part of council/committee meetings, i.e. when the press and public have been excluded.

Alan Draper said the advice was not to do it from YLCA.

Ferret was surprised no one asked to see that advice?

It seems very strange to Ferret, that Mr Draper can seek advice when it suits him and the rest of the time, allows the “cabal” to do exactly what they want, regardless of the consequences to our community.


To consider a policy to restrict the dissemination of financial information so that it is only issued by the council, the Finance Committee or the town clerk.

Councillor Maxine Hird asked if they could explain this.

Draper responded – To avoid any doubt it needs to come from one source.

Councillor Maxine Hird replied, We all must know what is getting sent out to ensure we can correct it if it is wrong.

Jean Eccles insisted it had always been like that but this statement came from the person who had dropped a document full of financial misinformation to the councillors therefore breaking her “own” rule only weeks earlier.

Councillor Middleton did not agree with her.

Councillor Hird asked why the information wasn’t being sent out 7 day before meetings.

Eventually Jean Eccles agreed and the meeting approved documentation being sent to councillors 7 days before any meetings.

Did someone mention an election next May?


The town clerk reported, not surprisingly, that the council was 9% over budget for the second quarter of the year…

The appointment of the INTERNAL AUDITOR overdue from the May meeting and the advice from the Clerk was to reappoint the auditor previously employed by the Eccles’ and review next May.

It was surprisingly proposed by Councillor Ian McGinnies, but no surprise it was seconded by Jim Kenyon.

The Council accepted this advice.

All Ferret has to say is: Why did no one question why this was not reviewed after the May meeting as should have been the case and have they not learnt to question Kenyon’s motives especially where a vital position is involved?

Is Ferret being cynical in thinking this has been done to keep their choice of auditor in position to avoid new prying and possibly interfering eyes seeing too much for the remainder of their term of office?

We all know the answer to that one don’t we?

Hemsworth Town Council Meeting Part 1: Diversion and Distraction, The same old stories and Tactics…

Part 2 tomorrow.

By Ferret

3 thought on “<strong>Hemsworth Town Council Meeting Part 1: Diversion and Distraction…</strong>”
  1. Councillor Kenyon certainly did his best electioneering last nite he even managed the full range of his achievements wrapping chocolate selection boxes for the elderly and care homes wow major contribution to our community but a good selling vote winner in councillor Kenyon’s world.It’s just a shame he forgot to mention the Thousands and Thousands and upto a million pounds in wasted vanity legal fees,or the total destruction of unfinished botched projects that have left isores all around our community and not to mention the shambles of what use to be a beautiful waterpark that the community could enjoy and be proud of the list could go on and on at the shambolic state the Independant HTC have got our community in but I will move on for now,we must remember the community can change the future by VOTING for the hard working true community councillors our VOTES will do our speaking .

  2. I absolutely agree with Julie it was painful to see and hear. Self promotion and praise is worthless especially when such as these people have been well and truly exposed. They even wheeled out Pringle. It was pitifully obvious the electioneering has started already. What next have silent Stan do a mime routine lol

  3. Mmmn… The pantomime season is well under way now isn’t it. Fairy Godfather (Jim Kenyon) promising that the chocs will (as they always have) go to the deserving older folks (probably to sit next to the other boxes taken in by care workers and family members). But its the thought that counts! Has he been to Lidl again… I haven’t seen a HTC sledge (decked out digger) in their carpark. Don’t forget folks.. Check the use by date pls. Then there’s the Wicked Prince Charmless) aka DP) sowing the seasonal goodwill messages.. that the old lot who robbed the bank will never be back to blot the history book, which will show the kind Queen (JE) and the Fairy Godfather doing everything they can to ring value for money and cost efficiency out of council expenditure. Yes folks, they spend hours each night under candlelight brushing up on their reading of the Kenyon Book of Egonomics. And, we all know they follow well thought out (of the box) business plans.

    Then there’s Buttons (Aka AD) bringing hope and good cheer to us all. Standing up for what is right and truthful, with his trusty valet (deputy TC) running alongside him as they go tilting at the windmills (of all our minds!).
    So, good people eat, drink and be merry… Except for those community members who can’t afford to because of the cost of living crisis. But fear not… With all the money in the council reserves they’ll be plenty of food to go around, and warm spaces for us to party this Christmas.

    I know.. I know… Its all one big fantasy. But, hey haven’t we lived in Fantasy Land under the Cabal led Council for the last 3 years?! So, what harm will it do to put up with more cold turkey all the way to the next elections!!

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