Tue. May 28th, 2024

An old post by “Yorkshire Live” has recently been reposted onto Social Media.

The article relates to Hemsworth Water Park and was originally written a number of years ago, when the Park was maintained to a high standard by the previous Labour led Town Council.

Ferret would like to share some of the comments from recent visitors:

“I wouldn’t bath a rat in it”

“I won’t let my dog swim in this lake never mind my kids. A hidden gem? More like someone has paid a lot for advertising lol”

“No way, that beach has blue algae in, they had plenty of time during the pandemic to dredge it and make it clean”

“litter in abundance, broken glass everywhere, dog mess”

“lake is full of scum and pollution, lots of debris floating on the surface”

 “The beach is full of rubbish and dog poo, the water is vile”

“…trust me go to Wintersett or Pugneys”

So much for providing a seaside holiday at home for the local kids

Another new low?

By Ferret

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