Tue. May 28th, 2024

The following has been posted onto the Town Council website. As the cost of this work will be over £25000 they have to put this out to public consultation as per the motion put forward and passed by our good Councillors.

Ferret would hope this work does take place as a matter of urgency and that all other areas of our Township, including the Waterpark receive the funding they deserve to bring them back up to standard from the neglected state that Independent Hemsworth Town Council have allowed them to deteriorate into over the last three years.

The council is considering re-surfacing the paths in Hemsworth Water Park (the path which circles the larger lake). The cost to do so will likely be more than £25,000. Therefore, as per council policy, a public consultation has to be held to ascertain the views/opinions of parishioners.

If you wish to comment (affirmatively or negatively) on this proposal, please write to the town clerk either via email (clerk@hemsworthcouncil.co.uk) or with a letter to Hemsworth Community Centre, Bullenshaw Road, Hemsworth, WF9 4NE by 22 July 2022.

By Ferret

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