Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Disgraceful Tactics, Disgraceful Behaviour, it is clear to Ferret that someone is getting very worried about things being unearthed at Independent Hemsworth Town Council.

An outrageous attack has been made to discredit a candidate in the WMDC District Council Elections which are to be held on 5 May 2022, overnight in our Parish.

Ferret has been informed that printed leaflets have been thrown into gardens in the area, in the middle of the night naming Melanie Jones, the labour Candidate as the Ferret.

Melanie Jones is not the Ferret.

The leaflets also contain very defamatory allegations about her and her family.

This sounds very reminiscent of the tactic employed by the current Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council – Mr Jim Kenyon, when a leaflet containing the lies that were later to be proven false by the Forensic expert, were distributed just prior to the Hemsworth Town Council Elections in May 2019.

This leaflet does not contain any electoral imprint and contact names other than the Ferret website, a mobile number believed to be Melanie’s own and pertaining to be published by the former Chair of Hemsworth Town Council, Tony Upson. Ferret can confirm that Mr Upson has no connection or knowledge whatsoever of this leaflet and has contacted the police.

Ferret has not made reference to the District Council Elections or to any of the candidates who are standing and this site has only in the main, been used to highlight the serious issues relating to the Kenyon, Eccles’ cabal led Independent Hemsworth Town Council.

This is a repeat of a previously used lying tactic, that was proven to be false, sounds very familiar indeed to Ferret, whoever would repeat a lie or start a lie when knowing them to be false?

That’s a hard one to Fathom out…

By Ferret

9 thought on “Fake News Again…The Ferret Outed?”
  1. Scum, and by this we mean an anonymous party or parties, have through the night posted around Hemsworth malicious and ill informed propaganda which if believed will destroy the Labour candidate Melanie Jones.

    They even allege that Labour will lead to more executive homes in and around the locality as well as printing slanderous views and personal abuse against our own Town Councillor.

    The police gave been contacted. Numerous residents are going to check their cctv. This is an all time low, and to print these leaflets in the name of a past Labour Councillor shows the depth that this lot will sink to.

    It really is time now for WMDC to step in.

    Can we add that we do not believe the allegations, and we do not live in a society that tolerates abuse. We ask all readers to provide any information they can to the police.

    Just to remind Plan 2036, actually got into full swing under the present Town Council.
    Politics in the gutter!

  2. It does not take a genius to work out who is behind this. Follow the money, who would want to silence and discredit the ferret? who has done this before?
    The idiots must think we are really stupid.
    Mels got my vote and keep up the good work Ferret.

  3. Absolute “scum”. I’ve had my postal voting papers for just over a week I had been waiting so I could make an informed decision. Well I’ve now all the information I need which has just confirmed everything we and the ferret have known for a long time.

  4. The bus stop outside of the Victoria apartments is full of hazardess waste. Arrived over night. Has a lovely little furry creature on the front.

  5. This must be an all time low for the scumbags who creep about in the early hours with hoodies on to throw not even post in gardens trash leaflets hope those that paid you to do it are wanting a refund as you have thrown handfuls anywhere and certainly wasted your cash in hand pay for a job not so well done.
    Keep going ferret the entire community is behind you and keep going Melanie Jones you are wearing the true scum down they are running scared of the truths that we are learning about daily.Time to unite as a full community,come together attend HTC meetings voice your concerns make your feelings known question everything the Independant councillors are doing which is not for the benefit of our community and finally put the leaflet where it belongs in the Trash Bin

  6. Have realised there is a noticeable silence from certain members of HTC on social media. Unless you count coffee addict folletti pictured once again in Costa

  7. Ke conway not scum as lady muck said that is clearly you and your cabal cohortd says:

    Draper, wo..ersley kenyon , eccles the entitled wilson, foletti, hirst you all have brought deep shame on outr patrish ease do the decent thing and dissappear hope we get candidates standing against them next elections

  8. I have to say that all this and the threats made to a candidate today are leaving a very nasty taste in my mouth and uneasy feeling. This is exactly why people wish to comment anonymously much to lady of the manor’s annoyance. She and the rest of the cabal seem to think they’re running a mafia type operation. The previous labour run HTC were cleared of kenyon’s accusations. Yet they still try to drag Mr Upson’s name through the mud. The only conclusion is we have some seriously disturbed people in our community. People who are far from law abiding. People who are not examples of good citizens. It beggars belief why people putting themselves forward as councillors and officials for the area, are able to do so without any checks on background etc. Maybe if it was compulsory to do these checks we wouldn’t be discussing this now. I know DBS checks only throw up what you have been caught doing, as Mr folletti has boasted on his FB page, but surely they should still be done compulsory.
    The way I look at it if you have nothing to hide why would it be a problem to get these checks done.
    Feeling uncomfortable in my own locality.

  9. Let’s face it we all
    Know who has had the leaflets printed. Perhaps out of the takings of the new car wash that Mr and Mrs independent Folletti keeps advertising.
    I don’t know how people from the village can line the pockets if the owner when we all know who owns it!
    Shame on them. We can all see now what they are like!

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